Create, Command, Conquer

Antrophia is, and always will be, a free to play real-time strategy text-based game. Created in the early 2000's, Antrophia has gone through many developers, good, bad, and ugly, and has now been overhauled and enhanced with a sleek design and new features. Antrophia is alive, and beating better than ever. If you're looking for a challenge, you came to the right place.

· 7 races

· 16 buildings

· 20 resources

· 42 units

· 5,040 army configurations

· 177,011,200 battle outcomes

Antrophia offers incredible replay value. Because there are many different strategies, there is always a new challenge to overcome.

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Antrophia has seven different races: Human, Li'thi, Re'lu, Zarth, Trysaur, Undying, and Zealot. Each one comes with their own race advantages, six unique military units, minable resources, and more. With a variety of races to select from, you'll always have the opportunity to learn something new about the game.

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Each race has 6 different units giving a total of 42 different units in the game. Each empire can stack their units in different orders, giving 720 different combinations per race. There is always a way to defeat your opponent, and with 177,011,200 different battle outcomes, you'll never experience the same battle twice.

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Build on your land to increase population growth, nourish them, protect them, and turn them into powerful military units. With a wide range of building structures to defend your empire, gather enemy intel, and more, you choose the route you want to take to conquer your opponents.

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