December 2019

General Updates
  • Fixed a typo with the Zolanith race
  • Removed many unnecessary DOM elements
UI/UX Updates - General
  • Updated homepage content
  • Updated main navigation styling
  • Added Forums link to main navigation
  • Fixed empty menu item in main navigation
  • Removed notification count from user menu item
  • Added Friend Request count to user sub-menu
  • Added Message count to user sub-menu
  • Added sub-menu to user menu item
  • Updated styling on Help Page
  • Added transition animations to buttons and links
  • Disabled links do not change color on hover
  • Removed Action table header from games table in Lobby
  • Moved space background to main navigation
  • Replaced logo in main navigation in favor of header image
  • Register form date selector styling updated
  • Forgot Password form no longer fills width
  • Updated Help page styling
  • Changed table font to be more readable and in line with classic styling
  • Updated favicon
Game Updates - UI/UX
  • Moved mineral data on Status page to it's own table
  • Removed clock from main navigation while in game
  • Removed duplicate main navigation items from game navigation
  • Updated game page header styling and added a small familiar icon
  • Removed no bounties on players alert message and moved to Bounties page body
  • Updated all table styling and responsiveness
  • Updated page and form content for many pages
  • Added Messages game navigation item for non-mobile displays
  • Mark all messages as read now only displays when there are messages
  • Updated Mines form to a table layout
  • Changed Science Labs layout and labs have a familiar icon
Game Updates - General
  • Add Bounty form added to Bounties page
  • Fixed a bug with the Explore calculator
  • Fixed a bug where builds didn't cost Cardisium
  • Spy train form only displays when Spy Stations are not full
  • Added help text when Spy Stations are full
  • Fixed a bug preventing viewing of Spy Reports
  • Battle reports table now displays only when there are available reports

  • Help text now displays when there are no available battle reports
  • Long Range Cannon now has a max fire rate of 12 times per hours