August 18th, 2018 - Update #5

Antrophia is getting a lot of kinks worked out, but even then there is always time to work on new features too! One of those features is alliance relationships. Alliance relationships were incredibly buggy since Antrophia's first update. During the time to fix it, implementing some new features made fixing alliance relationships quicker and also provided some new functionality. Alliance relationships now show a 'You Want', 'They Want', and 'Confirmed' columns instead of relationship you decided. Once a relationship is confirmed, that relationship will stay persistent until the two alliances agree on a new relationship. This makes entering war and peace more difficult and leaving them even harder. When at war with an alliance, you can attack up to double your power on their member base. On the other hand, when at peace with an alliance, all of their members will be removed from your attackable targets; even if you have a retaliation on one (or many) of them. As the player base grows, we will watch alliance relations and their impact on the balance of the game with their current state and make adjustments as needed to encourage wars and a competitive game. With that said, here is a full list of the updates made today:

  • Updated retaliation text on war page
  • Fixed a bug prevent players from joining a game
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from registering
  • Updated alliance relationships page to give more detail on relationships
  • Available targets now includes players with double power if they are in a war relationship with your alliance
  • Available targets now removes players who have a peace relationship with your alliance
  • Updated navigation ordering to be alphabetical
  • Alliance's relationship news feed items have more specific details on the relationship process
  • Alliance relationships are locked to the last matching agreement until they match again
  • Fixed a bug with disbanding units
  • Fixed a bug with calculating players cardisium increase when having a military
  • Fixed a bug when displaying an alliance's coleader on the alliance view page
  • Fixed a bug where retaliations would not display a name

August 17th, 2018 - Update #4

Some very large bugs were fixed today with this update! The Market is now working properly and Barracks can now be sat on for the original strategic gameplay; think of it as hiding troops from your opponents until the time is ready to bring them to the rest of your forces.

  • Updated username styling on Market, Rankings, and Online pages
  • Fixed the logic behind checking if a user science labs or not
  • Fixed a bug where removing a listing from the Market would not return your resources
  • Fixed a bug where you would not get items from Market purchases
  • Fixed a bug where energy would reset to zero if you had no power plants
  • Fixed a bug where Market news would not save
  • Fixed a bug where Market item listing would still display after bought
  • Fixed a bug where Missiles would set to zero if you had no missile bases, factories, or factories not set to construct missiles
  • Fixed a bug where retaliations were not properly saving
  • Added retaliation timer next to defenders name in attack list
  • Added Stacking and Disband Units pages and navigation links
  • Stacking and Disbanding no longer complete barracks training
  • Fixed a bug when using Armidi on trains
  • Unit containers on stacking component now have a drag cursor when hovering
  • Fixed a bug with mineral calculation on status page
  • Added a land check and money check when performing construction
  • Cancelling a build returns 50% cardisium instead of 100%

August 16th, 2018 - Update #3

  • Updated max deposit on bank
  • Fixed a bug where the build calculator wouldn't update when changing the money multiplier
  • Fixed logic behind building times
  • Fixed a bug where shops were no longer checking against players money

August 15th, 2018 - Update #2

Some minor fixes were put into place today. If any of the following, are still reoccurring, please make a post in the forums.

  • Fixed blackhole errors
  • Fixed a bug with the bounties page
  • Fixed a bug with the navigation requesting an icon
  • Fixed a bug where users could deposit any amount into banks
  • Removed gravatars from bounties page
  • Updated username styling on bounties page
  • Fixed a bug where the flash message would say there are no bounties when there are bounties on players
  • Fixed back to game button when viewing a user's profile
  • Removed logic for a frequency check on scanners grossly slowing down construction

August 14th, 2018 - Update #1

Hey Antrophia players, an update has been made and it will be pretty hard to miss this one given the update primarily focuses on overhauling the user interface! During the overhaul many minor bugs were fixed and all the changes have been listed below (though some might be missing). Look forward to many game bugs being fixed in the next update and enjoy the "new" look!

  • Overhauled user interface to be more in line with the original Antrophia style
  • Fixed LRC display
  • Fixed an error when logging in
  • Fixed a bug with mineral extractor initialization
  • Fixed explore calculator
  • Fixed barracks calculator
  • Fixed build calculator
  • Fixed shops calculator
  • Fixed spies train calculator
  • Fixed a bug with alliance relations
  • Fixed a bug with sending spies
  • Fixed a bug where scanners were not using Chrophat
  • Updated select input on Bank Transfer to display 'Select Player'
  • Updated mobile layout
  • Updated database to use UTC timezone instead of EST to fix many timing issues
  • Remove from hitlist form when there are people on the hitlist
  • Removed alliance build form when no free land is present to build on
  • Removed sliders from factories (temporarily)
  • Removed sliders from mines (temporarily)
  • Removed gravatars from game pages
  • Optimized frontend assets
  • Login now redirects to game lobby instead of home page
  • SSL enabled on the site
  • Backend server updates