New game



When's the new game starting? Haven't played in donkey's years. Used to go under the alias 'fresh', can't remember the email address I used let alone the password for it, but would be nice to get my old account back. Some of you older players may remember me, hope everyone's been well. Also, is there an app for this game?


game just stopped a few weeks ago


guessing this game is dead again?


we need another game going grant


The game should go back to the orignal version and we should just play some Turbo games ;p


Hey jungle I agree. I think grant is extremely busy right now. He should have something for us soon.


AZ I remember your account "Fresh", I also agree with jungle it should go back to the original game and play a turbo round. I'm surprised I was able to create a new account for a dead game. hoping for it to come back soon!


Just making my annual drop by, still looking like the game has died. Such a shame considering I spent hours a day playing it. Hey viper, nice to see a familiar face


poppin in to say hi! seein some old faces still