yet another major bug


the build times are off. Build speed of 3 used to half the time taken, now it just takes off a fraction closer to 20%

I think this is becoming a worry. So many bugs if we begin to scratch the surface. And none of us can remember how it even should be any more. But those values took a lot of tuning, they aren't just arbitrary. Can we even find our way back to a well balanced antro at this point!?


I noticed that too. Explores seem slow, and not just because of a lack of scanners. 24h explore at 2x speeds with 30mil cards, only got like 150 land wat


I will look into the original antrophia script and this one and see why they are so far off


I have plenty of food and water, but my trooos are dying off faster than i can train them.
I have to delete my army i guess


Im gonna re power up, just without 225k ithica

I lost 100k ithica in 2hrs. Ughhh


Thats odd - i'be been getting the message in news, but i dont think they've been dying


Same. News they're dying. Must be zombies.


I didnt either, click a bunch of tines then recheck


I didnt either to start